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Classic Fitness – CrossFit Group Classes


Rowing Pause Drill (No Measure)

10-20 Strokes pausing at catch and release

– focus on position at each pause

10-20 Strokes pausing at release only

– focus on position, slow relaxed return and smooth drive

10-20 Full Strokes

Warm-up (No Measure)

4 Rope Pulls to Standing

12 Jumping Ring Dips

12 Squats

8 Rope Pullups

30s Ring Support Hold

12 Squats

J-Clinch Review

Clean Technique Warm Up (No Measure)

Clean High Pulls

Turnover Drills

High Hang Power Cleans

Position Work

Power Cleans

Front Squat/Clean warmup with bar


H: Front Squat (4 x 7)

Segment Cleans (5 x 3)

Rx/P: Clean (5 x 2 @ 88-93%)


Ring Dip Progressions (4 x ME)

Low Ring Dips (feet flat)

Low Ring Dips (legs extended)

Assisted Ring Dips

Ring Dips

Ring Dips (x2)


Metcon (Time)

12 min AMRAP

H – 8 Rope Pulls to Standing

150m Row

F – 4 Short Rope Climbs/16 Rope Pullups

200m Row

Rx – 3 Rope Climbs

250m Row

P – 2 Legless Rope Climbs

300m Row