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Classic Fitness – Youth Strength and Conditioning – Teens


Rowing Pause Drill (No Measure)

10-20 Strokes pausing at catch and release

– focus on position at each pause

10-20 Strokes pausing at release only

– focus on position, slow relaxed return and smooth drive

10-20 Full Strokes

Warm-up (No Measure)

12 Jumping Ring Dips

6 Inch Worms

Ring Support Hold ME

Snatch Warmup (No Measure)

12 Pass Throughs

3-3-3-3 Overhead Squats

Snatch High Pulls

Scarecrow Drill

High Hang Power Snatches

Position work

Power Snatches


5 Overhead Squats

2 Power Snatches

1 Snatch


Snatch (3 x 3)


Ring Dips (3 x 8)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

3 Rounds

60s Row

60s Burpees

60s Rest


Games – Tic Tac Toe (No Measure)

Players start at one end of the gym, with a tic-tac-toe board set up at the other end. On “go” each player performs a number of movements (to be decided by the coach) then runs one of their game pieces down and places it on the board. When they return, the next player in line on their team performs the movements and carries a game piece down and places it on the board. Once the board is full with no team getting three in a row, players can continue by replacing one of the opposing team’s pieces with their own. Players continue to take turns placing pieces on the board until one team has three in a row.