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2014 Biggest Little City Open Weightlifting


2014 Biggest Little City Open Weightlifting

85kilo Snatch

This past weekend the Biggest Little City Weightlifting meet was held here in Reno at CrossFit Stone Age Fuel. This was a great opportunity for first timers to come out and experience a weightlifting meet with other enthusiasts of the sport, in a fairly low pressure environment.

This was my first official meet, as I spend most of my time training alone in a very quiet, empty gym. The atmosphere was great. The ladies lifted first, which gave me time to enjoy some grub from the food trucks that were there and watch some great lifters of all levels compete.

When it was the men’s turn to get to the warm up area and prepare to lift, everyone was extremely friendly and encouraging to each other. I got the opportunity to meet some of the other lifting enthusiasts from the area and joke around with them before getting serious about my lifts.

Overall, I did alright. I was able to hit an 85 kilo/187 pound Snatch, and I missed my 91 kilo/200 pound attempt. After missing a 110 kilo/243 pound attempt at the Clean and Jerk because of a press out, I was able to hit  my 112 kilo/247 pound lift for a pr.

The folks over at CrossFit Stone Age Fuel did a great job of putting on the event, and I can’t wait for the next one. Hopefully some of you will join me and try your hand at competition!