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Achieve more through CrossFit


Achieve more through CrossFit

Are you capable of more?

In my opinion, the very essence of human nature is constant self improvement. The drive to be better, to improve our situation or ourselves, is so natural and instinctual that we may not even realize that we spend so much time thinking about it. How often have you said to yourself “I wish I could…” or “I wish I had the time to…”? These thoughts are the result of our need to be better, do better. I believe most people are capable of more, and only need to cultivate the ability to focus their thoughts into specific actions. Here are some tips to help you focus your thoughts on achieving something greater:

1) Cultivate the mental toughness to complete more.

Achievement doesn’t come easy. If it did, it wouldn’t be an achievement. You will need to develop your mental toughness to continue progress through multiple setbacks and failures, nay-sayers and haters, even friends and family who very politely try to convince you that your efforts are in vain (don’t blame them for this, it usually comes from a caring, though misguided, place). Check out my previous post about how CrossFit can help develop this mental toughness here.

2) Challenge yourself everyday

It feels great to be successful in achieving goals, no matter how big or small. If you set small goals for yourself everyday, and make sure to get them accomplished, it’ll go a long way towards making you feel like you can achieve more and get you accustomed to feeling success. Start small. Pick one item from your “to do” list (I know you have one) and make the time to do it. Even making sure to do something as small as smiling and saying ‘hi’ to someone at work you normally wouldn’t talk to can help get you in the right mindset for success. If your goals are centered around fitness, spend some extra time on those things that you’re not particularly good at, and stick with it until you’ve mastered them.

3) Experience failure

You don’t have to go out of your way to do this. As your challenges to yourself become larger and more difficult, you will experience failure. How you act when you fail says a lot about you as a person and where you are in your journey. Don’t let these failures push you off course. You may have to adjust timelines or methods of reaching your goal based on these setbacks, but do not let them deter you.

4) Focus on Optimistic Realism

If you find yourself thinking about the past and “what should have been”, you need to refocus your mind to the future. Think about the positive opportunities in front of you and focus on “what is possible”. Thanks to Mentality WOD for this part.


If you’re interested in achieving more, come in to CrossFit Thumos in Reno and try a workout with us. We provide daily challenges through fitness training as well as the coaching and help you need to make sure you can accomplish anything!