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CrossFit at the Scottish Highland Games


CrossFit at the Scottish Highland Games

One important aspect of CrossFit that often gets looked over, is the concept that you should regularly try new sports. Challenge yourself physically, in ways you’ve never done before. This is an important part of testing your overall fitness (not to mention the fact that it’s flat out fun to try new challenges). If you only do the same old movements, sports, activities all the time, make sure you get out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

With this in mind, two CrossFit Thumos athletes decided to represent our gym at the Dixon Scottish Highland Games this past weekend.

I was a little nervous heading into the event. Torin and I had practiced the few events that we could at least somewhat simulate (although those turned out to be wholly different than our practice runs) and we weren’t sure how to approach some of the implements. The more experienced athletes competing there were more than happy to offer advice on the events, and everyone there was extremely friendly and helpful. There were 8 events to complete:

Hammer Throw

Hammer Throw Torin-3

Braemer Stone

Braemer Stone Torin-2

Stone Put

Braemer Stone Trevor-2

Weight for Height

Weight for Height Trevor-4

Weight for Distance (Heavy and Light)

Light Weight for Distance Torin-2

Sheef Toss

Sheef Toss Trevor-3

and Caber Toss

Caber Toss Torin-2

Overall, this was an incredible experience. The competition was challenging and fun. It was great to get outside and test our fitness in a new way, and perhaps a new reason to train hard!

If you’re interested in finding a new challenge for yourself, there are plenty of challenges and competitions for you to try. Let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help you train and come to your event to cheer you on!