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CrossFit Thumos offers the best CrossFit programming and coaching in Reno.

CrossFit is the very best group fitness program available because of the focus on functional movements to support general health and fitness. This means that you’ll be training the very movements that allow you to more easily carry in your groceries, lift bags of dog food (or cat food), do yardwork, play with your kids, ski, play at the park, ride your bike, help a friend move, or any other physical activity the human body is capable of. These type of movements help you maintain your ability to function as a physical being, but also have the benefit of being the most efficient at helping you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, look and feel good, keep your heart healthy, maintain bone mass, and any other general health indicator you can think of.

CrossFit is accessible to absolutely everyone, no matter your current level of fitness, because of the focus on functionality. The expert coaches leading the classes will meet you where you are, and help you advance to where you want to go.

The group dynamic in CrossFit inevitably leads to making new friends of the people that you see in class. This camaraderie helps keep you motivated to give your best effort, keep coming back, and leads to huge gains in fitness as well as your social life! It’s always fun to spend time with other like-minded people, and our members have formed some awesome relationships with each other that spread past the walls of the gym.

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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