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Face it: You don’t need a Weight Loss Challenge, you need a healthy lifestyle


Face it: You don’t need a Weight Loss Challenge, you need a healthy lifestyle

You can’t escape it this time of year. The “New Year Weight Loss Challenge!”. The new year is a perfectly reasonable time to think about resetting your nutrition after a long holiday season of parties, cookies, drinks, parties, and comfort foods (and maybe some more parties).¬†Every gym, trainer, and self-proclaimed expert knows you feel like this, and they want you to lose weight with them. I’ve held weight loss challenges at my gym as well. People ask for them, and I’ve obliged. Even though I know better.

Weight loss challenges aren’t what you need.

  1. Weight loss challenges are short term solutions to a long term problem

    • Let’s face it, you didn’t gain all the excess weight in the last 30 days. You struggle making healthy lifestyle choices all year round. It’s OK. Me too. All of us do. Let’s admit that and realize that a 30 day challenge can never undo the way we live the rest of the year.
  2. Weight loss challenges are Crash Diets!

    • It seems that everyone has vilified crash dieting (and rightfully so) because they are unhealthy, non-sustainable, and lead to yo-yoing with nutrition and potentially damaging your metabolism. Well guess what, weight loss challenges are crash diets. They are by nature quick fixes (most lasting 30 days) and so must try to get fast results. The only way to do that is to be extremely restrictive with your nutrition. Some even go so far as to require intense training that most people coming off the couch aren’t ready for. Most can push through with the restricted eating and overly intense workouts for a little while, but eventually the extra stress leads them right back where they were before: sitting on the couch digging for the bottom of a bag of chips.
  3. Weight loss challenges do nothing to teach you about a healthy lifestyle

    • The methods used on quick fix challenges aren’t sustainable in the long term. You can’t restrict your diet for very long and remain healthy. You can’t exercise at full intensity day in and day out without suffering burnout or injury. Most challenges won’t even teach you anything about recovery or stress management strategies to incorporate into your life.

I’m writing this to announce that I won’t be holding a weight loss challenge at my gym this year, I’m going to hold a different kind of challenge. I challenge you to develop habits that give you a healthy baseline to operate from. I challenge you to spend time on things that enrich your life, not spend the next month saying “I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet”.

I’m going to do my best to reset healthy habits in anyone that wants my help. I’m hosting two FREE sessions of a Healthy Habits seminar where I will be talking about the habits I think are most important for everybody to create a lifestyle that keeps you healthy, fit, happy, and stress-free (or as close as we can get). These habits include nutrition, sleep, exercise, recovery, and stress management.

If you like what I have to say at these FREE sessions, you can sign up to receive ongoing help and support in determining the habits most beneficial to you, and keep them going year round.

Click the link for the time that works best for you:

Thursday January 4, 2018 – 6:30pm

Saturday January 6, 2018 – 12pm

I hope you come join us, and get off of the weight loss challenge rat wheel!