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Get Fit to be Awesome with CrossFit


Get Fit to be Awesome with CrossFit

I’ve previously written about using CrossFit to train for the things you love to do rather than simply to be better at working out. I came across this video today about two brothers who have back-country skied every month for 95 months in a row!

95 months in a row, and still counting!

This is made all the more impressive by the fact that they follow the motto of “You have to earn your turns”. Which means they find and attack their skiing under human power. No helicopters. No ski lifts. Just packing in all their gear, finding some snow, and skiing down it.

This idea certainly falls short of being earth shattering, world view changing, but it inspires me. Simple ideas like this are the things that are truly awesome. The commitment it takes to trudge up a mountain every month, year round, when snow is extremely difficult to find and the skiing is not only sub-par but almost impossible to manage, requires a unique kind of dedication. And for nothing other than the knowledge that they had a goal and they’re going to accomplish it no matter what. That’s dedication.

This may seem like a trivial accomplishment to most, but I like it. I like the dedication, the challenge, the simple beauty of it. This is the kind of goal that everyone should have. Simple. Honest. Difficult. Awesome.

This is something to train for. You have to be strong of mind and body to accomplish something this awesome. I truly love CrossFit because I can use it to prepare for things like this, and one day hope to be this cool.