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The core values we try to live and operate by here at Classic Fitness are INSPIRATION, CONSISTENCY, and GRIT.

Today I’d like to introduce you to what role inspiration plays in my life, and why it’s such an integral part of Classic Fitness.

The entire fitness industry talks an awful lot about motivation.

“Find your motivation”
“Let us motivate you”

And it’s true that motivation is necessary for any of us to get up off our butts and improve ourselves through fitness. It’s also true that most of us struggle every day with getting the motivation needed to show up and put effort in at the gym. But motivation is internal. We create it ourselves. We can’t find it outside of our own heads, no matter what the fitness gurus tell us. So how do we create the motivation we need EVERY SINGLE DAY?

We look for INSPIRATION outside of ourselves. We look for it. We don’t wait for it to strike. We see others doing something impressive and cool, and we want to do it too. We see others looking and feeling good, and we want that for ourselves. We hear others tell us we’re worth it, and we decide to work for the things we deserve.

This INSPIRATION that comes from external sources, drives us into finding the motivation we need to get up, get to the gym, and work hard to live the way we want. Without it, creating motivation from nothing becomes nearly impossible.

But we have to continue to look for it all around us. It’s around us all the time, but we have to practice seeing it. We have to refresh our desire to be better by being around others who inspire us. We actively search out INSPIRATION to keep ourselves motivated and moving forward. And if we can manage to do this consistently, we eventually become the INSPIRATION that others need to help themselves.

We want to provide that INSPIRATION to everyone around us. We want to be the reason someone decides that they can work hard for the things they want. We want to be the reason someone creates goals and consistently shows up to chase them. We want to be the reason someone changes their life for the better.

If we can provide that INSPIRATION to others, they become part of our community and help us to find inspiration also. This is the way we become stronger as a community than we could ever be on our own.