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Restaurant Eating isn’t helping you!


Restaurant Eating isn’t helping you!

I’ve said it a thousand times: It’s difficult to eat healthy when you eat out.

I read an article from Science Alert today that is even more disparaging to eating out than I usually am. With almost every member I have that comes in for nutrition counseling, I have to cover “restaurant eating”. It’s become such a big part of our culture that it’s almost inconceivable for some that they shouldn’t be eating out if they truly want to lose weight and get in shape.

The most important aspect a balanced diet is exactly that: balance. To supply your body with the right nutrients to make sure you have to fuel you need to live your life and stay healthy, you need to be eating the right balance for you when it comes to protein, carbs, and fats. This is also the most difficult thing to achieve if you’re eating at restaurants. Protein is very hard to come by when eating out.

Why would a restaurant give you expensive protein, when they can shove tons of cheap carbs in front of you and charge you the same price?

Not to mention the carbs typically found on your plate at a restaurant aren’t exactly nutrient dense. So not only are you eating completely out of balance, you’re missing out on vitamins and minerals because vegetables and fruits don’t sell as well as fried potatoes covered with cheese sauce.

Even the restaurants that tout themselves as healthy alternatives (Chipotle is my favorite) are shoving a ton of rice in your bowl/burrito while skimping on the meat. So much so that there are multiple threads online about how to “hack” your way into getting more meat at in your meal.

Bottom line is, you’re adults. You get to make your own decisions about what you eat. But please, just know that when you make the decision to eat out, you’re acting directly against your weight loss goals that you ¬†said you were completely committed to…when you’re not hungry.