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Strength Training is Life Training


Strength Training is Life Training

I think a lot of people view strength as some sort of freak show or strange competition that airs on ESPN 8 “The Ocho” between the hours of 3 and 5 in the morning on weekdays. I’ve written previously about strong people living longer and better lives. But the value of strength training goes well beyond the benefits you get to your strength alone. Strength serves as the dominant virtue through which all other virtues can be developed.

That’s right, strength training develops traits that become important for developing any other aspect of your life. If you can put forward the dedication, and years of hard work it takes to build say, a 500lb squat or a 600lb deadlift, you’ll have learned about goal setting, planning, dealing with setbacks, hard work, and a litany of other valuable traits that can be applied to making yourself a better human. The lessons of discipline and willpower that are imparted by building one’s muscles are not just physical in nature, but carry over into every other aspect of life.

Even the patron saint of intellectualism, Socrates, spoke about building one’s physique as a necessary step before being able to build one’s intellect: “For in everything that men do the body is useful; and in all uses of the body it is of great importance to be in as high a state of physical efficiency as possible. Why, even in the process of thinking, in which the use of the body seems to be reduced to a minimum, it is matter of common knowledge that grave mistakes may often be traced to bad health.”

CrossFit has been my chosen method for building not only my physical skills, but helping me develop my patience, perserverence, and confidence as well. Find the holes in your life, and build them up by getting STRONG!