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Think positive thoughts, change your workout, change your life


Think positive thoughts, change your workout, change your life

Ghandi Quote

Many of you have seen and commented on the quote that has slowly appeared on the wall of the gym over the last few weeks. It is attibuted to Mahatma Ghandi, and I hope you’ve taken time to ponder the meaning of the quote and how it relates to your training here at CrossFit Thumos.

I like this saying, and decided to paint it on the wall because I see it as a simple roadmap to changing one’s life. This is the best part of my job, helping those people who have decided to turn their thoughts of getting fit into a reality.

For those of you already about the business of bettering yourselves, it’s important to maintain your positive thoughts. One negative thought, if you let it grow into words, and behaviors, will eventually derail your progress towards your goals. Here are some common negative thoughts that I see creep into people’s minds and throw them off their fitness game:

“Today’s workout is gonna SUCK!”

Don’t deny it, every one of us has taken a peek at the workout of the day and thought to ourselves “I don’t even want to do this, this is gonna be terrible!”. This is the wrong mindset to have when you’re about to throw down on some nasty WOD, and it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more you focus on how bad the workout will feel, the worse you will do at that workout.

It’s important to focus on the positive. If a workout seems to maliciously combine all of your weaknesses into one giant ball of crappy movement, look at it as an opportunity to attack those weaknesses. Tell yourself “You’re gonna make this WOD your bitch!”, and then go about making it happen.

“I’m just not feeling it today, I’m gonna skip out”

Don’t let those negative thoughts of “I’m tired, I’m going to skip working out today” control your behaviors. One skipped workout becomes three, then five, then a month without working out. Focus on how good you know you’ll feel if you drag yourself to the gym and get that workout in. Focus on the progress you’ve made and where you want that progress to lead you. More importantly, if you do decide that rest is more important today, make absolutely sure to come in tomorrow. Don’t let that negative thought snowball into you in ten years talking about how you used to be really fit.

“The bar feels so heavy!”

This might be the most common negative thought that I see in people. I can tell when someone is letting this particular thought control their actions. After a certain number of reps, they start shaking their head “no”, walking around, and using body language to beg somebody to save them from the big nasty weight.

I’m not one for pressuring anybody into lifting a weight they’re not capable of lifting with good form, and I will certainly stop you if you’re completely floundering with a workout, but if you let this negative thought prevent you from crushing a workout that you should by all rights be able to dominate, then you need to refocus your mind on the positive. Always focus on that next rep, picture yourself hitting it perfectly. Execute the movement with all the beauty and violence and aggression you can muster. Then do it again.

Think positive thoughts, change your workout, change your life. Turn your positive thoughts into habits every day, and you will reap the benefits.