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Tough Times call for Digging In


Tough Times call for Digging In

Yesterday was a tough day for me. Rising early for work, getting home late, worrying about work. I’ve let all of these things build up on me lately, and yesterday my psyche seems to have taken the brunt of my exhaustion. Too tired to do anything productive. Certainly too tired to get any real training done. I couldn’t even imagine trying to work out yesterday, much less put in the kind of effort I know is needed to make myself into what I imagine I can be.

We’ve all had these times. Life can wear you down very quickly if you let it. These are the times when lesser people give up, throw in the towel, let their negative thoughts convince them that what they’re doing isn’t working and they need to quit.

During these times we need to dig deep. We need to remember our Thumos. That thing that got us to where we are, and pushes us to keep going. Thumos is not based in immediate pleasures, but a hard earned ideal that takes grit, work, and determination to achieve. If your goal is an easy one to achieve, I say it’s not a worthy goal. Thumos drives us to become great in whatever arena inspires us. This is the thing you have to focus on when negative thoughts and feelings creep into your life.

Remember, no great person in history will ever tell you they achieved what they did easily. They felt exactly the same things you do when you can’t seem to find motivation. The difference is they punched those negative thoughts in the face, and did the work anyway.

Go be great.


“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.” – Thoreau