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Use CrossFit as training for things that really inspire you


Use CrossFit as training for things that really inspire you

Lake Swimming

Recently I closed the gym for a weekend and took time for myself to go on a camping trip with some friends. I usually don’t like to close the gym, I want it open at any time anyone wants to come in and improve themselves. I hate to miss the opportunity to help someone be just a little more bad-ass.

But going on this trip was good not only for my physical training, as we carried unholy amounts of beer and food up a ridiculously steep mountain on our backs, but for my mental well being. I’ve always said that CrossFit should be used as training for life. Don’t be good at working out simply for the sake of being good at working out. Be good in the gym so that you can tackle challenges outside the gym with ease.

One of the things I’m passionate about is getting out into nature and enjoying the wilderness. I really enjoy camping. Waking up with the sun, taking a dip in a crystal clear mountain lake. Enjoying some campfire coffee and breakfast, with nothing to do the rest of the day but hike around and take in the majesty of the mountains.

This is one of the reasons I train. I can enjoy more of what I love because I’m fit. I hate to think that some people will never have the opportunity to see the things I’ve seen because they can’t push themselves. These are the rewards of living a healthy life.

I encourage all of you to get out and do something you love often. Remind yourself why you train the way you do, because it makes you more awesome at whatever it is you want to be awesome at. Keep your focus on that thing that inspires you, and use it for motivation on those days when you don’t feel like giving it your all.

Personally, I would tell you that getting outside and using your fitness to explore/play the world around you is the most important thing you can do to improve your life.