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Strong People are Healthier, and more Useful


Strong People are Healthier, and more Useful

It’s evident that when people start thinking about their health, they equate being skinny to being healthy. This has been changing lately with the popularization of CrossFit. Images of very strong athletes performing unthinkable acts of fitness have inspired thousands, if not millions, to pursue fitness rather than a waistline. Despite the recent upswing of people training to be as awesome as possible all the time (read: strong), I still occasionally hear of someone going on a “cleanse”, or following a “6 weeks to fit” diet.

WAKE UP! It didn’t take you 6 weeks to get fat. Why do you think you can reverse years of nutritional abuse and sloth with 6 weeks of crash dieting. You can call it a “cleanse” all you want, but you can’t escape the fact that you’re starving yourself. Do you think that’s healthy?

Let me tell you what’s going to happen on your little fad diet. You’ll probably lose some weight, because you’re shocking you body with a drastic lifestyle change, and for a while you might think “Hey, this is working great!”. Then the weight loss will slow and stop (imagine that, your body can actually respond to what you’re doing to it!). You’ll get frustrated and either return to your old ways of eating crap food and watching television, or you’ll try to ramp up your efforts by cutting even more food out of your diet, or maybe trying to run 5 miles when you haven’t given your body any type of significant fuel for 3 days. Warning: do not do this please. I don’t want to see you unconscious on the side of the road when I’m trying to get home for dinner. I may just pass you by because I need to eat, like a real person.

Stop it with the skinny thing. Skinny people are useless. I want all of my friends to be big, strong, viking-like. People who can lift heavy things, run fast, just generally do anything they may be called upon to do. Strong people can get things done. Interestingly enough, strong people also live longer. There are lots of studies that correlate muscular strength with decreased mortality rates. HERE and HERE are a couple of examples.

When you think about trying to be healthier, quit thinking about losing a few pounds, and start thinking about how much weight you can lift. You’ll be a lot healthier, happier, and you can help me move my couch.