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Does your workout translate to your life?


Does your workout translate to your life?



Everyone focuses on the physical carryover from a workout to their life outside the gym. I’ve posted about this as well, and it’s an important factor to consider when looking at programs and is a staple of CrossFit workouts. There is one thing however that often gets skipped over when thinking about how your workout translates to the things you’re either successful or not successful at in your life, and that’s the mental side.

Does your workout teach you how to push yourself beyond what you believe you can accomplish, and how do you carry that over into your work or personal life?

If you consistently wait for conditions to be perfect before you can motivate yourself to workout, you’re only teaching yourself that comfort is a necessity before doing anything. Along the same lines, if you quit in a workout when it becomes evident that you’re not going to do as well as you’d thought, you’re teaching yourself that it’s okay to quit whenever the going gets a little tough.

Success in the gym is a very strong indication of someone who will have success in life as well. The dedication it takes to show up every day and put in the work no matter what isn’t exclusive to the gym. These same habits tend to show up in people who work hard at all aspects of their lives. Whether their job is stressing them out, or they’re having problems with their significant other, or any other issue, these people are dependable.

One of the great things about working out, is it offers the opportunity for you to work on developing these good habits. Establishing and sticking to a schedule at the gym is a tremendous way to build the mental fortitude it takes to be successful at anything.

These things will happen in your life. That fact is unavoidable. Does your workout prepare you mentally to handle these imperfect and difficult situations and be successful?

If you never push yourself to get better, if you never push through the discomfort, you’re not improving. CrossFit workouts effectively build the mental toughness needed to push through difficult tasks by letting you accomplish things you never thought possible. All this done under a knowledgeable coach will help you stay healthy and continue getting fitter by pushing your limits.

The same principles that make you successful in the gym, make you successful in your life. Start working on them today.