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Youth Strength and Conditioning

Youth Strength and Conditioning is a fun & action packed workout program

Youth Strength and Conditioning at Classic Fitness is a fun, action packed workout program for kids and teens to learn basic movement patterns and body awareness through skills practice, workouts, and games.

Young kids (ages 7-12) get to work on running, jumping, squatting, carrying objects, and lots of other physical activities, in a workout that feels more like playing. They also begin to use elements of a traditional strength and conditioninng program to strengthen their quickly changing bodies.

Teens workouts transition to look more like adult workouts, but specifically designed to support their other activities, such as sports.

Kids and teens that are given the opportunity to be physically active every day are not only more likely to maintain a healthy body weight throughout their lifetimes, but also become better listeners and more well behaved, and perform better in school. Healthy bodies lead to healthy minds, and we want to help develop that in the next generation!

The Youth Strength and Conditioning program  is also a tremendous way to develop a strong base of physical skills needed to excel at sports, and provides the complete body strength and conditioning to aid their overall development. Whether your kids are younger and want to develop these skills for future sport participation, or they’re already athletes who could use some general physical training in the off-season to boost their performance.

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